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Rafting in Nepal

Rafting in Nepal

Whatever your desire for adventure, it is easy to find the perfect river in Nepal. With a wide range of difficulties from a gentle 1-day float down the Treshuli river, Seti river, to an exhilarating 10-day adventure through the rapids of the remote Tamur, Arun and Karnali, there is an experience for everyone waiting in Nepal's famous white waters.

Nepal Trekking

Nepal Trekking Info

The soaring Himalayas are, to many travelers minds, the chief reason for visiting Nepal. The country tumbles precipitously down from the 800km stretch of the Himalayan battlements that forms its northern border, and can claim no fewer than eight of the world’s ten highest peaks – including, Everest, the highest of them all. The mountains are more than just physically stupendous, however. The cultures of highland-dwelling Nepalese peoples are rich and fascinating, and the relaxed, companionable spirit of trekking life is an attraction in itself

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Helambu Trek 9 Days

The Helambu trek is a perfect short trek nearby Kathmandu Valley. Despite being near to Kathmandu, the Helambu region remains relatively unspoilt. Besides the Hyolmo culture of high mountain people, the presence of green